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10am Sunday Mornings

Breathe (revisited)

Refreshing our 2022 focus

A Way of Life

Living the way of Jesus

A framework for sustaining a life that conforms to the way of Jesus

Mother's Day 

We are family!

Mother's Day message


Jesus is alive; he gives power, purpose and presence

What does Jesus' resurrection mean for you today...?


Stop. Pause. Breathe

We have all been through a diverse range of challenges over the last 2 years. Before we just launch back in and do everything the same as before, we invite you to stop, pause and breathe.

Christmas Light

The Light of the World

Jesus, the light of the world, chooses to come into our world. This Christmas we celebrate a God who is for us, who is with us and lives amidst us.

Straight Talk

Let's get to the point

This series of stand-alone messages talk straight to a topic or issue. No fluff.
Just straight talk.

A Journey Of Trust

Trusting God in Uncertain Times

We look at the story of Moses and the Israelites as the flee from Egypt, known as the Exodus. Their story highlight how we can trust God and why it is important.

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