New Community Youth

We are the Village.

You may have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it does take a village and New Community Youth is a place for teenagers to belong to a cross-generational village focused on fun, belonging and building healthy relationship, whilst also creating room to explore the christian faith, who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow him.

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New Community Youth meets weekly on Friday nights and is structured into 3 tiers or groups:
Crews are small, same-gender peer groups that meet regularly throughout each term. They are about 5-10 people, plus a leader or two, and the focus is on growth and support. These are an awesome place to build deep, long-lasting friendships, to share life in all of its complexity and to pray for and support each other.

Crews are also a great space to explore faith, to ask questions, to study biblical text and to wrestle with the challenges that life can throw at us.

Life as a teenager can be tricky sometimes.

We all need our Crew to get behind us.
Tribes are larger groups, mixed-genders, usually spanning a couple of year-levels. These are the times where we have a critical-mass to do some pretty sweet things! Picture this: a trip to the beach or to the river, trampolining at Bounce Inc, a bonfire, or a massive waterfight. Or even themed nights, like chocolate or cluedo or even masterchef! Really, we can get super-creative and the options are limitless!

Tribes are a great space to belong, to have fun and to invite friends so they can get a glimpse of who we are at New Community Youth.

Young people need to know where they fit, where they belong, where their tribe is.
The Village is all of us.

Each of the tribes assemble in one big group a couple of times every year to get a sense of unity as a whole. This is the Village.

This creates opportunity to play massive wide-games, to come together and be inspired towards a life following Jesus, to worship God as a whole group and to form our identity as a mob.

It also creates great moments of rubbing-shoulders between the older and the younger members of our community of young people.

The Village is about building our identity and inspiring each other.


New Community Youth also has 3 camps each year:

Seniors Camp, for Year 11+ and Uni, runs in January each year. A 4-day camp involving heaps of relaxation, fun and games and some more substantial in-depth teaching.

State Youth Games, Year 7+ & Young Adults, Queens Birthday long weekend. A crazy weekend of sports and arts activities involving youth from all over Victoria.

Junior Camp, Years 7-10, spend a weekend away with other junior youth playing games inter-woven with relevant teaching fo young teens.