Our women are creating opportunities where they can meet with God and each other, to experience love & encouragement


Evenings of encouragement, discussion and community.

We gather and hear from women in our community - sharing about their joys, challenges and discoveries as they seek to follow Jesus and live well

Occasional Thursday Evenings, 8pm, Maroondah Federation Estate


To help us live well as we follow Jesus it is immensely helpful to live life alongside a couple of other women, meeting together to encourage, challenge and hold each other accountable.

Each triplet works out when and how they meet. Suggestions and resources are available too for those who want them.

Please contact us if you would like help in finding a triplet.


Each year we head away as women for a wonderful weekend together.

Held at Camp Manyung in Mount Eliza.

Come full-time or part-time, it is a great opportunity for quality time with other women, building relationships and focusing on God


Prayer Group
Our Women's Prayer group exists to pray for New Community Women. You are welcome to come and be prayed for in a gentle, caring and confidential environment. Be encouraged as you experience God with us. If you would like to be prayed for contact Megan.

For parents of little ones this is a caring and encouraging mini-community.
Tuesday mornings. Find out more here.

Table to Share
An organised event where you can host or attend someone's house to meet people or get to know them better as you share a meal. Contact Ali if you would like to host and don't know who you could invite.

One of the best ways to keep connected is the New Community Women Facebook Group.

If you'd like to find out more about any of these opportunities for Women, contact Ali Box via this button: